Wait listed, approved and can't pay

I have shooters that were wait listed. I approved them and they state they can’t pay. This is the screen shot from them trying to pay after approval. What am I doing wrong or need to change to make it so they can pay?

Hi Cathy,
Its probably something in your match setup that is causing it. We would need the club name and match name to look at it.

Hi Cathy!
Off of the screenshot, it looks like you didn’t set up online payments with Stripe. But to be sure, we will need your club/match name like DJ said.

Hi again!
Did you figure out the issue?

I have a test club and match setup and played with the settings. This seems to work for what I want to do. Can anyone comment and let me know if I’ve gotten the settings right?

Hi Jim!
That looks correct to me! You can also find a guide to match creation here if you need it!

The guide doesn’t talk about payment and how the various options interact.

The guide is also missing:

  • Setting up a registration form
  • Setting up squads

We have not made any help articles detailing how to set up online payment as of yet, due to the fact that we are working on updating the system to accept multiple types of payments.
If you have certain questions about it, please let me know!

I’m not sure how we missed registration/squads, but thanks for letting me know! I’ll work on adding it to @D.J.Petrou’s article.

Yes we did. It was the online button.