Using Practiscore’s Website and App for Your Match

When using Practiscore for a match, there is a simple list of tips that can be used to ensure a smooth match!

    1. What kind of tablets should I have, and how many?
      We usually recommend using an iPad as your Master scoring device, and Kindle Fires as your scoring device. They can also be bought for far cheaper than iPad, hold their battery longer, and can usually tolerate heat better! Ultimately, almost any Apple or Android product will work well!
      As of writing this, the only iPads that WE DO NOT RECCOMEND for Practiscore are the first two generations.
      In the case of major matches, we suggest having at least 4 extra scoring devices ready to be used in case one device goes dead, overheats, or is otherwise rendered unusable. When you make your “stage box” for your Range Officers, a ziploc bag (in case of rain in the forecast!), battery, and charging cable should also be included. Don’t forget to charge the battery along with the scoring device!
    1. Do I need to set up Wi-Fi at the range?
      We definitely recommend having a network. It doesn’t need to have an internet connection, but when syncing tablets during a match, you need a network of some sort to let the devices “talk” to each other. This does notmean you need to have Wi-Fi on the entire range, you just need a certain area, such as a score shack, or a hotspot on your phone in your pocket that the devices are set up to connect to.
    1. How do I register my competitors?
      You can find a guide to creating the match, as well as pulling the match from website to the scoring devices, here! Getting Started with PractiScore web site, How do I run a Match?
    1. I’m running a USPSA match. How do I create stages?
      To create stages running Hit Factor type scoring, you can create stages by going to the “Build Stages” option on the main screen of your Master device. On the bottom, hit “Add Stage”. Make a name for the stage, select scoring type, targets types, no shoots, etc. You can modify the amount of hits needed on a target by hitting the Edit button by the “Targets” option. Round count and points are also automatically generated. Just hit save once you’ve entered the info you want, and build more stages, add a classifier, or if you’ve finished, go back to the main screen!
    1. How do I sync my devices?
      You can view how to sync devices here! WiFi / Internet / Synching Basics for All Sports
    1. How do I view and post scores?
      You can view and post scores once the match is complete by going to the main page on your Master, selecting “View Results”, and to upload to the website, “Post to”.
    1. How do I share activity with USPSA?
      You can view a guide to uploading matches to an affiliation here! Submitting Scores