Two separate squads two separate phones running practiscore app

if i have a large enough group shooting like 20 shooters and is best to split into two squads, if i have squad 1 with my phone and the ps scoring app i’ve been using all this time, can another in squad 2 download the app and use same pin to sync the app registration/shooters, how do we combine these scores with everyone together, do we simply both upload match results and the system figured it out and shows everyone together? or is there more to it than this?

@Ernest_Garza you should never use PractiScore’s website match pin# on multiple devices.

Load your match registration to an assigned “master” device and then use local wifi sync to distribute to other scoring devices.

Once scoring is complete, pull all scores back to your “master” device and then use that device to post complete results.

Please read through this tutorial. Is should help.