On the Learning CURVE, Help with Definitions

Hi to all. Trust all are well. I know this question are very basic, so pls bear with me. I have been on a learning curve with PractiScore System (IPAD) learning by trial and error. I have a few questions that I haven’t been able to resolve by my own. The first one is on definition of Division & Class. I intuit that Division has to do with firearm type, and Class has to skill level determined by the classification. In this line of question, Where I can find the definition for the term on Both, Division (CDP, SSP, ESP, etc) and Class (UN, NV, MM, SS, EX, etc). Thanks for your time and GodBless.

Based on the divisions and categories you are mentioning you should go to the IDPA website and look at their definitions in their rule book.
Every sport has a rule book and defines all of their divisions categories and classes.

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I’m also going to suggest that you take a look at this beginner tutorial. You may have seen it already I do not know but it is worth a read.

This is good. Thanks!!!