Not receiving emails from Practiscore for registrations or changes

The past couple of days I have not received emails notifying me that there were 1) a withdrawal from one match and 2) a new registrations from another match.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I have NOT changed any settings, I am using gmail and no messages in the spam folder.

I see the responses on another similiar thread: Not getting notification emails

Craig Smith GCL Rochester NY

I am not being notified of the shooters that are registering for our match. registration opened this morning 9-10-23 at 9am. I can see they registered and I can squad the shooters but I have no email notifications on my email address of who is requesting to participate. Worked last Sunday.

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Currently the system email server company is not sending out emails to shooters email addresses.
We have repaired/updated what we can on our end and are waiting on them to turn the system back on.
This affects score logging emails and match info emails going to shooters.

BUT all internal match management emails such as (thanks for registering) and ( here is your match mgt link) emails are going directly into the shooters Dashboard inbox on the PS website. Shooters can always view these email there.

If we sent out an email blast to alert of a match registration being open, will we need to send the emails again? And will we have anyway of knowing when the system is back online?
Thank you

I just received two registration emails, so maybe it is fixed

Still not fixed. I had two shooters sign up for a match today and did not receive my email notifications. This started last week. Had no idea who cancelled before last weekend’s match.

All Repaired. Here is the explanation.

Thanks. Just tested on our end. Firing on all cylinders again.

I am not getting e-mails, I am very active with two clubs (for one review/approve match participants) and I have not received e-mail from the no_reply account. Can I please get some assistance?

You have an email thread ongoing.