Match results showing up on some profiles but not others

What settings or information needs to be provided to app so that when we post scores to practiscore, it will show up in everyone’s profile? I am one of the MDs for York Practical Shooters. For our July match, we started getting comments from competitors that the results weren’t showing up for some on their profiles, but it was showing up for others.
In the past, we uploaded from the scoring iPads or an Android phone. This month, because of connectivity issues, we uploaded scores from a previously unused iPhone.
When I look at the iPhone, I see the competitor list, but no emails for each competitor. I believe I enabled logging for all shooters. I believe I have also turned on scoring log in match. Is this what needs to be done for future matches?
Is there anything that can be done to fix the July match?
Thank you for your time and attention to this question.

@Jim_Liang the linking is done by competitor’s emails. There are two cases when results might not be linked:

  • email is not entered or incorrect email entered for a given shooter in the PractiScore app. This is for MD to correct. Just edit email and resubmit scores
  • competitor has entered a different email in his account/profile in PractiScore. Then they can either correct it or enter additional email

@euxx - Thank you.
Regarding first solution, on my iPhone, in app when I look under Shooters/Squad and click on a shooter, there are no emails displayed there for anyone.
But when I look in Approve/View Shooters in practiscore website, the shooters all have their emails listed.
I entered email for Jeff Hewes in app on iPhone. I also entered email for myself. I reposted scores. It still didn’t seem to link for me. I am waiting to hear from Jeff if it linked for him.
I got it to link eventually by searching with my sport profile.
I think I must be still doing something wrong.

@Jim_Liang there might be some delay after updated scores are posted and before you could see linked scores. @djpetrou @MadisonKillian could you please confirm this with web crew?

Regarding the missing emails in the app. Could you please confirm if match was imported into the PractiScore app using your match pin#?

I have tried to import your match with pin# and got shooter’s emails in the app correctly. See Getting Started with PractiScore web site article.

There can be a delay of up to a few hours for some folks :slight_smile:

I agree with Eugene. in your admin section of the match on the web site All the Emails are there.
If you imported the registration to the master tablet with the pin# then all the emails would have transferred. I’m going to play with something and see what I can get to work.

@euxx @MadisonKillian Thank you both.

Could it be because the registration was downloaded on one phone (Android), synced to iPads for scoring, and then synced to a different phone (iPhone) for posting to Practiscore?

Normally we would’ve synced the iPads back to Android, which is where the match was created on and registration downloaded to originally, but that particular day, we couldn’t do so because the devices couldn’t find each other at end of match.

We ended up syncing the iPads to my iPhone because the devices were able to find each other.

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Very unlikely. The sync between devices does sync emails (unless you are using an outdated app versions on some devices and there is a sync issue happen to be in that version). It’s recommended to keep app on your tablets up to date.

You can also check if emails were there by going back to device match was synced from.

OK, So I think I have a match file that is all corrected.
I merged the existing match with a new clean match pulled from the web site with no scores. I merged the two matches and combined the shooters. (so Two Bill Smith’s became one). Each shooter now has their email.
It is renamed Combined York Practical Shooters _ July…
I will email it to everyone here and see what you all think. Then Jim, you can post it if you choose.