Match Director Titusville Sportsmans Club

I am new at this and I can’t figure out how to get squads on the match or even where to do this at. Also I can’t log out. the three bars take me to the little person but log out is not an option.
Dave , Titusville Sportsmans Club

Hi! If you are looking at how to set up a match check out this great tutorial.

Here is a picture of the logout option you should be seeing.

Hi Dave,
What device are you using to manage matches?
We suggest match management be done on a full size laptop or computer.
It can be done on mobile devices but the screen is so small it make things very difficult.
Here is the match management section in a club window. If you click on the blue button you will get access to all of this. There are other ways to get to this (the dashboard) but this is my go to…