Master tablet get registered shooters, the squad tables will not sync to master

So I did clone our November 2022 match list to Feb 4, 2023 however it still pops up the the November match, So i deleted that match now i noticed at the top of the list is now June 2022 and my Feb 2023 is second.
Should I delete all matches in the list in the master and in the tablets? Or will I create a bigger mess?
Thank you

We recommend never to clone matches more than 2 months old, take a look at this.
Personally, I never clone a match.

So I am not cloning my match. In the master tablet i create the Match List. I cloned November 2022. I have deleted this one and created a new Feb 2023. You can see it always put the older one at the top of the list. So do I delete all of them in the master and in the
tablets and try again?
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There is no need to keep matches past, say, 30 days once the match results are posted, unless you have a reason, like series scoring.
Dump them all and create a new match.
On my master tablet, once a match scores are valid I give it about a week just in case something comes up then I delete it.
If you are really nervous about getting rid of matches you can always email them to yourself through the export function and then delete them from the master.
Having them sit around in a master can only cause trouble or confusion.
As far as you’re scoring tablets they should never have anything on them except for the match they’re scoring other than that they should be blank.

Strongly disagree.

I have 4…5 years worth of matches on my master device. A few hundred at least. Most of the weekly ones and more.

When you have any given match active - the other matches aren’t in play at all and can’t give any trouble or confusion if you given them proper names (like date and the club name).

They all are a good source of data. Can be used to update shooter history, as well as the annual league match results that I update incrementally.

So that cleared up my issue. Master and tablets sync nicely.
Thank you So much for your help
Much appreciated

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