Is there a way to copy the all stages from one match to another?

I run a monthly course of fire for several clubs each month and create the practiscore events for them. Is there an easy way to create the same (Build Stages) course of fire and copy it from match to match in the month? I currently have to use the pin to get the registrations and re-build all stages for each month for every club/every match. Is there an easier way?

It’s really pretty simple all you have to do if your match is the same for month-to-month is to clone the match. You can clone your PractiScore online registration and you can clone the built match if you choose.
I suggest reading this tutorial about cloning registrations.
There are a few ways to do this but this is how I do it.

Then as far a cloning your existing match you can follow these screen cap to copy/clone your existing match.
This is from an iPad, I’ll see if I can get you android screen shots in a bit

There is a better way doing this in the PractiScore app for Android.

You can build a “library” of your standard stages and avoid cloned matches disconnected rom the match registrations.

Go to the match list. Select match you want to reuse stages from and from the match menu on the right select “Library”. It will show a “Library” marker on the match.

Then after importing your match registration using pin# go to the stages and use “Add Classifier” option to add your stages from the library.

Thank you very much! That will save me a ton of time.

DJ Thanks. Not sure if it will work in my case. The stages in each month will be the same for every match but the participants will be different. My typical month is that we create 10 different matches to organize and collect info/funds from 10 different groups of shooters that will shoot the same stages that month. So we start with cloning the match from practiscore web first then build stages after. I’m not sure cloning a match will work in our workflow but will look into it. Thanks!

@Rick_Katigbak DJ forgot to mention that for his solution you also have to use “import registration into the current match” when using pin# to import registration from the web site.

Note that doing that will make a local disconnected (separate match) from the one created on the PractiScore web site.

  • With DJs solution you clone match on device first (i.e. create new match on device) then import registration from the web site into it

  • With my solution match is created on the web site and imported with pin# as is, then stages are added on device from the library.
    Though the stage “library” option may not yet supported in iOS app (if you are using iOS as a Master)