Importing individual shooters from another match

Using IOS App on iPhone and I have created a match with regular shooters. I create the match and stages for the club shoot that I setup on the day. I am trying to import only the shooters that turn up to the shoot but it seems I can only import all shooters, which then I have to delete the ones I don’t want. Is there an option to do this using the PractiScore App on my iPhone? Thanks

Not currently. Though selecting shooters to import will require about the same amount of work as deleting them after.

You can also look at Importing shooter registration data into PractiScore app

Thanks for your reply. No it doesn’t. I have about 20 shooters registered in the match I sync from. I might only have 3 shooters turn up for a club night. I would then have to import the 20 shooters then delete 17. Having the ability to select shooters would save me double handing. Surprised it is not an option. Hopefully the option will come soon. I do like the importing a csv file. That works well

@Craig_Snerk it is fast enough to just enter 3…10 people as they arrive. Likely you will have to edit their divisions or some other info anyways. The app remembers previously registered shooters on a given device and you have to type couple of letter of their last name to get all the info.

Though if registration at the match is an issue, why don’t you use the online preregistration? Then you will have better idea who is coming and they will be responsible with providing you their info for any given match.