How to setup PCSL matches

Would love to see a premade option for PCSL matches in practiscore. Setting up a hit factor style match with minor only scoring and the divisions they have available.

When the match type gets to the size of a lot of the existing sanctioning bodies IDPA USPSA even NRL 22 then it can be looked at and the time can be invested.
Are you a match director or club admin and are you having to create PCL matches often?

You can just use Hit Factor match type and customize divisions, categories and classes.

@D.J.Petrou I am a match director and would love to be able to set up actual PCSL matches instead of having to jerry rig the Hit Factor match format.

I am a software engineer and will be happy to make the changes myself if that would make it happen faster. A lot of match directors are waiting on this functionality to be released.

Please reach out to me at [email protected] if this is something that we can do.

@Erik_Bruckman for the record, I don’t recall PCSL reaching out on the PractiScore support channels about supporting PCSL scoring.

I don’t see where exactly you have to “jerry rig” the hit factor match format with PCSL being HF-scored.

Being a software engineer and a match director you can at very least specify exact issues you are having and outline exact gaps in the PractiScore scoring app.

Currently Practiscore is not adding Match types to the system. The reply above still stands.
We know, and are friends, with the PCSL owner so it is not a lack of contact.
I suggest you read Eugene’s tutorial about Templates if you feel the need for a better way to create matches.

One thing to note here. People are using terms “match type”, “affiliation” and “template” interchangeably. They are not the same thing.

The HF match type is used in multiple match templates that are used to run and score USPSA, IPSC, SSAA and several other sports. And multiple templates could be linked with the same affiliation, e.g. you could see that as a match subtype in the apps.

Likely we don’t need a new match type for PCSL. But someone have to do the leg work and create an HF-based template for PCSL. Then identify if there are any gaps that the current HF match type can’t handle out of the box.

And as @D.J.Petrou said, you don’t have to wait for PractiScore to create said match template.

@D.J.Petrou @euxx It would be nice to be able to actually score Kilos rather than having to select 2 Alpha when scoring on tablets. Would help a ton with stats for shooters and match directors, and make scoring for RO’s more foolproof.

Running a PCSL match with the Hit Factor match type has worked alright, but it can be made to be better with changes like that.

PCSL will have to get to a reasonable level of participation for a Dedicated patch type to be built.
Orders from the office are that we are not entertaining new match types at this time.

@Erik_Bruckman by the way, the PCSL rule books does not provide complete information to implement their scoring. There are several grey areas not covered in the rules.

@euxx What’s not complete about it? We just need a box for the K Zone added for the sake of simplicity and statiscitcs.

It is simple to add a box not attached to anything. Making the stats work is a whole different story.

The rule book provides some examples, but it does not have details how the scoring is supposed to work in other cases not covered in these examples. To illustrate:

8.1.7 For each paper shoot target, only the competitor’s best two hits will count for score, each paper shoot target requires two (2) distinctly visible hits anywhere in the A, C, or D zones, OR one (1) hit in the K zone to be considered neutralized (unless otherwise specified by the WSB).

Why two hits? And what if WSB states 1 hit per target, or 3 hits per target, or 4 hits per target? How many K hits and how many other hits are scored?

What if there are multiple strings, how are they scored in regards to K hits? One K hit per each string or one overall? If it is the former, how RO could know it wasn’t 2 K hits in the first string and none in the second string?

The rules also state one can use non-standard targets. What are those?

That is only from briefly skimming the rules. So, likely there is more.