GSSF Indoor League Scoring

Still looking to use PS for GSSF Indoor League.

The courses of fire are shown below. Scores will be combined points and X-count for string 1 and string 2 to complete a score for that shooter. Categories of Stock, Unlimited, Pocket, and Rimfire will have scores combined accordingly. I will count each category as a stage and competitors will have sub-categories of: Senior, Lady, and Junior. Seems like it should be straight forward. It is score only as each string has a par time of 15 seconds. Can I use one of the current match types to facilitate this? I use a format of “Score”. “X-count” and add the best scores from two of three months for combined score and X-count, i.e. 495.35 + 483.30 = 978-65X.

Thanks for any help…Hope this is not too confusing!


GSSF Indoor Courses of Fire

In PractiScore those are called “divisions”. You can create your own ones.

In PractiScore those are called “categories”. You can make your own ones in the app.

So, start with the “NRA Action” match template. Edit all divisions and categories.

Also edit targets to match your target scoring zones and points:
“X” - 10 points, “10” - 10 points, “8” - points, “5” - 5 points, “M” - 0 points. The “M” (or “Miss”) zone is not required, but it helps to track number of shots scored.

After that you need to create one or more stages. Normally a stage in PractiScore is what can be scored independently.

Depending on your match structure (e.g. how targets are shot and how competitors going trough the match) you can put all your match targets into one stage and score them all at once, or you can break them into multiple stages and score each stage separately. E.g. you could structure stages like this:

5 stages, each one has 1 target. Each target scored separately

  • A - 10 rounds 15ft 15 sec
  • A - 10 rounds 25ft 15 sec
  • A - 10 rounds 30ft 15 sec
  • A - 10 rounds 50ft 15 sec
  • A - 10 rounds 70ft 15 sec


1 stage with 5 targets:

  • Option A

    • T1 - 10 rounds 15ft 15 sec
    • T2 - 10 rounds 25ft 15 sec
    • T3 - 10 rounds 30ft 15 sec
    • T4 - 10 rounds 50ft 15 sec
    • T5 - 10 rounds 70ft 15 sec
  • Option B

    • T1 - 5 rounds 9ft 15 sec
    • T2 - 5 rounds 15ft 15 sec
    • T3 - 5 rounds 25ft 15 sec
    • T4 - 5 rounds 30ft 15 sec
    • T5 - 5 rounds 50ft 15 sec

Either way those only descriptions/names for the stages and targets, you can make them what you like (and to help identify individual targets when scoring).

Once your match is configured, you can save it as match template and/or stage template and share the PractiScore export file *.psc with other Match Directors.