Creating your own classifier stages in PractiScore app

Several shooting sports are using special classifier stages to help members to measure their performance and/or using them to rank members to be able to give awards by classes/ranks.

Historically PractiScore had included and maintained updates for classifier used by IPSC/USPSA, Steel Challenge, IDPA, ICORE and a few other sports, to make it easier for the Match Directors to use these stages at matches.

Unfortunately it takes time to catch up with the new classifier updates in the apps. However you don’t have to wait for the app updates to use new classifiers earlier.

A classifier is just another stage, which has a classifier code and a classifier flag that you can set when editing stage in the app. So, you can simply configure all stage parameters, targets and hits as for any other stages, set the classifier flag and enter classifier code.

I also recommend to enter (or copy) the classifier briefing and add stage image to help ROs at the stage to run classifier stage correctly.

Additionally, the PractiScore app for Android has an option to include a manually added classifier stage into the classifier selection list. Just make a new match, add classifier stages as described above, then go back to the match list and select a “Library” option from the match entry menu on your newly add classifier match. After that you will see these classifiers in the list.

More over, as with any other matches, you can export match and share the match export file, email it to your fellow Match Directors, post it to the club or organization web site, etc.

These classifiers can be something your shooting sport organization is using or stages only specific for your club or shooting league.