Getting SAARA (SOUTH AFRICAN AIR RIFLE FEDERATION) registered as one of the Disciplines

Good day I am the new Chairperson for SAARA WP (SOUTH AFRICAN AIR RIFLE FEDERATION) and I would like to know how to go about “Air Rifle Shooting” to be one of the Disciplines to choose from. I would like to make use of “PRACTISCORE” for all our Competitions as well. We are affiliated with SASCOC.
Please advise.
Many thanks!!!
Hennie Nel

Currently we are not adding any new match types to the system.
I have reviewed your website and in all the downloads I do not see anything directly associated with the scoring of targets. I have seen your target designs and you can use NRA match type as your base, then adjust the target scoring zones if needed.
Then you can save what you have created as a “template”.
this template can be used to create matches and can be shared within your system for others to use.
It is very easy and works quite well. For example NRL22 uses the template system for their monthly matches as their required course of fire changes each month.
Please see these attached links for more information.
D.J. Petrou