Match Templates

Our club holds the same type of shoots each month. Is it possible to store match templates somewhere on our club profile, or somewhere else, rather than have to clone previous matches? We have almost 400 past matches so it takes ages to load before we can clone a match. Having templates would make setting up our monthly shoots so much easier.

Have you taken a look at this topic already discussed on here?
Creating your own match templates in PractiScore app

thanks for the reply. Hadn’t seen this before. I’ve created a couple of match templates now. But I create most of our matches from the web app rather than android. Normally I clone the matches because that way I know all the entry forms etc are there. I’ve never created forms via the android app. Ideally I’d like to be able to see my created templates in the web app version. Is that possible? Does my Library appear anywhere on the web version of Practiscore?

Not currently.

However you can clone your registration forms in the web site. If your match configuration is heavily customized and you are using in-app templates, you can import registration into a current match when pulling data from the PractiScore website with a match pin#.

The down side is that you may need to claim results for your club after results are posted. There is a button at the bottom of the posted results page on the PractiScore website.

Take a look at this tutorial about cloning also.
We do not recommend that you clone matches older or farther out than 2 months. Web site updates and changes can cause you issues.