Custom Scoring Template

Wow, I had a hard time finding out how to post a question, as well as figuring out how to navigate through practiscore as it is not intuitive or user friendly. That being said, I would like to create a custom scoring template since I am running monthly matches with customized scoring (time plus penalties). How can I acomplish this? The topic posted “Creating your own match templates in Practiscore app” explains but I could not figure it out. I am young and good with computers but spent about an hour with no luck.

Hi Randy! I’m sorry that you are having trouble with Practiscore. Practiscore has time plus scoring. Here is a great tutorial on how to run a match. In this tutorial you will be able to see all the different affiliations that Practiscore offers including Time Plus.

I am using time plus, but have different values I want to add for the penalties.
Here is exactly what I want to do.
Have scoring that shows C, D hits, and then misses and other penalties like procedurals and foot faults. For a C hit I want to add .25 seconds as a penalty and for a D hit, .50 seconds. Can I make a template for that?

I have been running steel matches and action pistol already but want to use my own scoring template. I have been using time plus, USPSA hit factor, and Steel Challenge or action steel.

Have you read through the tutorials section???

It’s very simple to create the penalties you want.
Here I created a new time plus match went into the build stages section and created a custom C and D penalty. You can create your own custom match in less than 5 minutes.
Go in and play with it, you really can’t hurt anything.
After you have your match built just
clone it and you can save it to use again and again…

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Thank you, I had someone else putting stages in on the tablet. I am figuring it out on my phone app now.

The phone works just fine but if you have access to a tablet use that.
You can do everything on the phone but things are more spread out and viewable on a bigger screen. It makes it easier for somebody that is trying to learn the system because things are more readily available. :wink: