Best/Easiest Way To Create a One-time Team Match

I’d like our club to offer a fun bi-state “border war” match once per year. My concept is to assign each shooter to one of two “teams,” let’s just say X or Y. Without going into details, we’re going to need to manually calculate the final results, but it’d be very helpful if each shooter was pre-assigned to a specific team. What is the best way of doing this without screwing around with our normal match names/results, etc. PK

I moved this to a more general category.

There are several aspects related to this.

  1. Registration for individual matches
  2. Running individual matches
  3. Calculating final results

For #1. If you are doing registration on the PractiScore website you can add the “team” field to your registration form. Unfortunately I don’t think the “team” field will go from the website to the app when you use pin# import. So, you may need to use CSV import into the app.

For #2. It goes all as normal. You just need to verify that competitors are assigned to the teams. Can also change and reassign teams in the app and re-upload match results.

For #3. The teams are supported in the Match Series results (at least in the PractiScore app for Android). So, you may not need to calculate results manually in case you have a simple case, e.g. N competitors in the team and M best results out of N.