Add SC classifier stages to match during registration download

Is there a way to add a Steel Challenge classifier stage to a match during the registration download based on information added to the ‘Stages’ tab on the website? For example, adding a stage with the name ‘SC-101’ and then having ‘5 To Go’ added to the match on the tablet during the registration download.

  • Paul

Hi Paul!

I’m messing with it right now to find out. I’m also tagging @D.J.Petrou, since he might know the answer already


Selecting “Default Steel Challenge” out of the list with download all the stages and you can delete the ones you don’t want.
Adding the name exactly as you described to the “Stages” portion of the website will also download it to the app, regardless of match type

When I type the stage name “SC-101” or “SC-101: 5 To Go” on the ‘Stage’ tab on the website, the stage created in the app has the same name as the stage on the website, but it is not configured correctly (number of strings, marked as a classifier). My hope was that there was a way that the app could interpret a particular stage name and add the classifier to the stage on the tablet as if the MD had gone to the ‘Build Stages’ section and clicked ‘Add Classifier’. While I could use the ‘Steel Challenge: Default’ template, it doesn’t give the shooters the stage info on the website and the MD still has to edit the match stages on the tablet.

Ah, I’m sorry! I didn’t check the right stages :woman_facepalming:
I tried to see if adding a description would solve it, per this article

However, it continues to do the same thing. Now tagging @euxx for his Android knowledge.

@Paul_Warren the Android app currently doesn’t handle SC stages.

The standard stages are there by default when you select the “Steel Challenge: Default” match type/template when creating registration on PractiScore web site.

Once match is downloaded you could easily add these standard stage as “classifier” stages in the app too.

Though I’ll see if I could hookup creating the standard classifiers in some future app updates. If you have some test match, email me your match pin#, I could use it for testing…

Thanks, PM sent.