Will combined match results be affected if a shooter's score for entire match is on two tablets?

BOTTOM LINE: It didn’t seem to matter to me after all was said and done.

BACKGROUND: After sync of three secondary tablets the match started and Shooter A shot one stage with Squad 5. His score was recorded on squad tablet. He then moved to Squad 1 (reason unknown) and then shot and had all his scores recorded for 4 remaining stages on Sqd 1 tablet. So at match end Shooter A has his total match score on two different tablets. The MD and asstn were not sure what to do if anything. So they elected to sync match results from secondary tablets to primary tablet. When combined results reviewed Shooter A scores look correct so MD upload results to Practiscore which posted OK. I am asking to make sure it really did work out OK and we don’t impose some rule about not moving between squads after shooting begins that is not necessary.

What the MD did was fine. Although you might want to find out why people are moving around without MD approval. :man_shrugging:

To be sure. On the edit shooters/squads screen in the Android app find that shooter and select Stages menu. It will show number of edits and you can jump to review scores screens for those stages from there.

The review scores screen opened that way has all stages as tabs at the top and you can navigate between them to see times when scores were recorded and on what tablets. Also can restore incorrectly overwritten scores or reassign as needed from there.

OK, you have answered the questioned. Good to know the MD got it right. He doesn’t really care to master the Practiscore bit and depends on me and others to get it right. I will let him know he did the right things.

There are minimal due diligence stats person can do before posting results.

Use Match Progress screeen (either from shooter list of from results) to see if all squad completed. Also note number of edits for each squad at the bottom of that screen and see if there is anything excessive. Tap on squad to jump to the squad scoring screen from there.

Also can ise shooter filtering hints like incomplete, apens, edits2, edits3 etc to review scores. See more info on that in Search and filtering shooters in PractiScore apps