Where to add actual stage information

So, in the PractiScore website I have created a match and added in three stages. Great. However apart from the field that allows you to put in a stage description, I cant seem to work out how to add in the actual stage specifics (i.e. target number and type) for actual scoring purposes!?

In all the matches I’ve run over the years, I’ve never uploaded individual stages (target number, type, etc.) in the stage description spot. I usually just upload the stage diagrams and matchbook which have the diagrams including target numbers, type, etc all included in the matchbook and diagrams so there’s no need to add additional stage information in this specific line.

Sorry… maybe I haven’t asked my question properly.

In order for scoring to be done during the match, each stage needs to be properly configured with all the targets, etc., which make up that stage. Otherwise they can’t be scored!?

So how and where do you enter this detail into the PractiScore website?

This type of information is not entered on the website. This is entered inside the Practiscore app on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Once you import the shooters, divisions, classes, etc., then you can set up the individual stages in the app.

Really!? How annoying!

@Captain_Porirua_Pist what @Steph_Marie said is not completely correct.

Please take a look at this guide: Create stages automatically when downloading match from the PractiScore web site.

Though currently this only works in the PractiScore app for Android.

But generally this is what sets PractiScore apps apart from every other match scoring system. You can create match and stages, register competitors, score and complete all the results without the web site, all in the apps and even without internet access.

But I want to do it ALL in the website and push it out. Based on the link provided, if I am particular with the description, PractiScore will create the stages for me, which would be great.

You have gotten all correct information on how to set up a match from both @Steph_Marie and @euxx .
The practiscore system has always been set up so that the match design is done on the application.
We appreciate your suggestions but at this time they will not be any major changes to the current app based system.
Match and MD Integration

Right. Give it a try and let us know. Just note you have to download your match with your match pin# into the Android app first.

First, or after I have put in an “accurate” stage description?

The Android app only creating stages when the same match doesn’t exist locally. If you previously imported match to your tablet with a pin#, you will need to delete that match from device and import it again.

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