What is squadding?

What the bleep is a squad / squadding?

I’m going to suggest that you start with this tutorial and then go through our tutorial section to answer the majority of your questions.


A “squad” is a group of competitors shooting the same stage (or some part of the shooting competition) together and at a specific time schedule.

Squadding is used by many shooting sport to manage match progress (especially when resetting stages and scoring takes somewhat significant time, e.g. IPSC/USPSA, IDPA, ICORE, 3gun, etc).

PS: SASS Cowboy shooting also call squads - posses

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Thank you for the reply Euxx! Makes perfect sense.

Why would we allow people to self squad before a match? Wouldn’t that be the MD’s task or is this for teams to register as a group and simplify the MD’s job?

We are a small startup group without other groups nearby to ask, so I do appreciate any help with my “dumb” questions.

We do foresee Teams forming and signing up as such in the future.

It really depend on the match. Manual squadding is an extra work for MD and in most cases it is just not needed, as competitors can take care of their own preferences - first come, first served.


by being able to “self squad” shooter that want to shoot together can be together, and on the other hand, there are shooters i dont like to be squadded with if i can avoid it. i’m a single shooter, i dont travel around with a team/group. i typically dont care who i am squadded with, and will readily move to another squad to “even up” the # of shooters

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