Using Practiscore for Benchrest Matches

I’m trying to find out if anyone has used Practiscore for Benchrest matches. Our matches are comprised of 3-6 targets of 25 bulls with 6 rings that have a maximum score of 10. There is also a center dot that is scored as an X. The highest score attainable for each target is a 250 25x. The xs really only matter in the event of a tie.

Has this been done before?



Yes. Just select Bullseye match type when creating a new match.

You can tweak targets after creating a new match and then configure your stages/targets according to your event structure. Can also save your edits as a local match template.

Thank you….I think I have it working reasonably, now. I did not have a bullseye selection on my iPhone.

My only workaround is that I had to enter x counts as a decimal. That’s fine, unless someone happens to shoot over 100x in a 6 card match……then they would receive 1 extra point. I tried to say that an x was worth .001 rather than .01 points but it was rounded up to 2 places. Is there another option?

Also……We have 3 divisions….pellet, sportsman, and pro. We also offer an award for 3 gun which is the aggregate of all 3 divisions. Is there a way to have the app add all 3 divisions and show 3 gun placement?



I’d just add a separate target or a scoring zone to record that extra point. Name it accordingly.

Not sure what the issue with decimals. It is for the target cost, the actual hit counts are without decimal.

For multiple guns you can assign these shooters to the same team each and then look at the team results.

It’s kind of hard to explain I guess. Our targets are removed from the backers by a scoring team and individually scored by an individual. After they are done…we just need to enter the score into the app. We don’t walk out with the pad and collectively assess the targets like we do in practical shooting, We don’t need to enter the number of 10s, 9s, 8s, etc. That part will already be done and we just need to enter the finished score.

Each of the 25 bulls on our target is worth a maximum of 10 points for a total of 250 per target. There is a .031” dot in the center of the 10 ring. It you touch this dot with your shot you get a 10x. The x is kept track of , but it has no point value. It only serves to break ties for points…which happen often.

Barely touching all the ten rings gives you a 250 0x. Taking a big bite out of all the ten rings and touching the center dot on every shot gets you a 250 25x. We typically shoot 3 target for club matches.

If someone shoots a 750 0x for 3 targets….they will beat someone that shoots a 749 74x.

I gave the xs a value of .01. In any 3 target match it will be impossible for the decimals to add up to enough to add a point. At the nationals….we shoot 6 cards so it’s possible that someone could shoot over 100xs, although it hasn’t been done yet, and they could get a point that they shouldn’t. It’s the only way I could figure out how to get the xs displayed in the results without a method specifically made to record them. If someone shoots 75 10s and 35 xs….the score will display 750.35.

I hope I’m explaining it well enough.

I think I see what you mean about the team setting. I don’t recall seeing a team score display button anywhere.



For team scores you need to specify team results count in the match settings (3 in your case) and also assign some teams to shooters. Then you will see the teams section on the results screen.

As for using X for tie breakers, the app already does that. Basically you can just make an X zone with 0 points and enter it separately from regular points.

Thanks, again. I have the x count now working like your example.

I’m still not getting what I need for the 3 gun.

When each competitor signs up they will be added 3 times as a shooter. Once in pellet, once in sportsman, and once in Pro. We want a total grand aggregate of all 3 classes in order of placement for the 3 gun award.

So far using the team function, I’m not getting what I need. It almost seems like I would have to have a separate team for each shooter to get that. I think I’m still misunderstanding the proper use.


You have to go into each shooters registration and add the team name to each gun. Probably their last name as the team name might work.

I tried that just now. What I see is that it doesn’t carry over the x counts for tie breakers.


No but you’ll notice the finishing order is based on the regular results which are ordered based on x count as bullshooters have the number of points.

Here is me adding a third person and team number three.
Same number of points for all of them just different x counts and it lines them up correctly. You’re probably just not going to get the x count to show up in the team thing. You can do the same thing and then make three of each shooter and see how that looks.

Thank you. You’re right. I actually misread my results. Ok…that’s solved.

Now one more wrench in the works.

We wanted to add another medal category for overall aggregate of the 3 individual matches but for those that only used one gun to compete in all 3 events. We would have to somehow differentiate the one gun overall shooters from the 3 gun overall shooters. I’m not sure if that makes sense.

Is that possible?

Was thinking maybe I could do that by division?

The Xs do indeed don’t carry over to the team results in the Android app. Could you email your test match export file *.psc to [email protected] I will have to look at that.

Not really :slight_smile:
The individual single gun overall you get by looking at the Match results (either by division or by combined).
The overall for 3-gun is the Team results for Combined (cross-Divisions) results.

You can also add arbitrary categories and slice your overall results further down by category. Can’t slice team results by category, but you can make your teams category-specific and then just pick the first category team from the team results.

Ok…I sent the psc file.

I’m going to try something with the team results and see if it works.

If not, I will probably have to ask you about your last paragraph.

Thank you

Apparently the current iOS app is not taking into account X’s for the team scores either…

Here is how it will going to look in the next Android app update.

Ok…that’s good. Thanks. Is it likely that there will be an update version out this summer?

We are trying to get this whole thing worked out for our National Championship at the end of August. We will try some 3 card club matches very soon. I think it will work well for those right now.

The only thing lacking for a nationals is the one gun overall totals and placement.

Can you tell me how to add the categories that you mentioned earlier?

Thanks again,


Not sure what you are referring as the overall totals. Please elaborate.

To give you an example, the IPSC is naming teams like “{region} {division} {category}”, e.g. “CAN Classic”, “CAN Classic Senior”, “CAN Classic Super Senior”. In your case you’ll be using a shooter name instead of “{region} {division}” part and you will need the “Combined” team results (because are aggregating results for 3 different guns/divisions).

These team’s categories need to match exactly with categories defined in the match settings and shooters have to have these categories assigned too. Then the Team results results look like this:

I see. Let me think through that.



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