Two Problems With Uploading Match Results

I have multiple problems with uploading match results. Results can be found here:

The problems are:
The match does not show up in the club results list
There are competitors who I deleted in the master tablet but who show up with 0.00000 scores

I believe I somehow messed up by making a match with stages on the tablet, then importing registration, rather than making changes to delete the shooters on the website, then pull the new registration, or something. I don’t know… honestly the process for using PS is just obtuse and arcane.

Anyhow, I want to link the results to the master list of my club page and get rid of those no-show shooters with 0.0000 scores before uploading to USPSA. I tried “claim results” without success. It says “success” but nothing changes when I try and claim results. I’ve tried uploading the scores again with all the shooters who should be deleted showing as (DEL) in the master tablet. Nothing changes.

Any help would be welcome.

The bold part if what caused your match to be not linked with your club page.
After you created your match registration you need to use match pin# to bring that match to your master tablet (even before anyone was registered) and THEN create stages on your master tablet. After registration is completed/closed you can import your registered shooters using the same pin#.

You may want to review the following tutorial to get your more familiar with the process of managing and running your matches.

As far as I can see you haven’t deleted these competitors from the match. You can go back to your master tablet, delete these competitors and then just post your match results again. Note it may take some time to process updated results on the website and you may need to clear your web browser cache (or use Ctrl-Refresh on your desktop web browser to reload results) to see your updated results before caching period is expired.

The claim results on the match results screen should link these results with your club, assuming you are admin on one of the clubs. You should see a drop down with the list of clubs you are managing. If that is not happening, you may need to try with a different web browser (the Chrome browser should work). If that doesn’t work, then web crew will need to look at this. @djpetrou could you please ping them.

Thanks for the quick reply! Thanks also for telling me how I should make matches so everything works.

I did manage to link the results to my club, but oddly they don’t appear at the top of the match list, which should be in order by most recent (I think). Not a big deal.

I show the shooters as deleted on my master tablet:

I’ve undeleted them, re-deleted them, uploaded again, and they still show up with 0.0000 scores. That really is the main issue right now. How long should it take to update the match results page on PS? I uploaded the scores last night and again today.

As far as I can see your deleted competitors aren’t in the results. But there are a few more competitors that don’t have scores and not deleted.

See my screenshot above or type “incomplete” in the search field at the top of the screen on your master tablet.

I see it now! I had so many people no-show and didnt actually double check the names. Sorry to be a bother. Hopefully next match I manage to do everything right. Thabks for your help and patience.