"Stage Info" screen in PractiScore Competitor app

The “Stage Info” view that can be opened from a stage scores entry menu (on iOS slide left and select “More” or use long tap on the stage entry).

Here is a quick overview of the info shown there:

  1. Stage place and percentage. For classifier stages (e.g. Steel Challenge, USPSA, ICORE or IDPA) it also shows the classifier percentage and classifier result

  2. Stage scores details (times, hits, penalties, etc).
    When available it also shows the diff (red/green) from the previous run of the same classifier stage

  3. The raw shot data from Bluetooth timer (when available)

  4. For points-based scoring - the A-hits score for the current stage time.
    Also the stage scores recalculated to time-value for the current HF, such as the time-cost for missed points and other penalties

  5. For classifier stages - history of attempts for a given classifier stage (based on matches previously viewed and loaded into the app)

  6. For classifier stages - breakdown of the classifier for each class and delta required to bump up the class from the current attempt

If you have other ideas please don’t hesitate to share here.

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Is there a timeline for when the iOS version will support showing the stage briefings?

It already does. Same as the Android app.

That is if stage has image (and image was uploaded to PractiScore web site). So, you tap on the stage image shown on the stage results screen.

I will be adding an action to open stage briefing even when there is no stage image available to both apps for the next release.

Interesting, because I had a friend test it and it works on his Android device but my iPhone doesn’t show the image or briefing for regular stages. It will show the image for classifiers but no wsb.

Email me link to the match results at [email protected] I will take a look

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