"Time Only" option for HF and TPP scored matches in PractiScore Competitor app

The Hit Factor scoring used in IPSC/USPSA and Time Plus with Points scoring often used in 3gun competitions could be also viewed in a “Time Only” mode.

You can enable “Time Only” view from the main app menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Note that in “Time Only” the overall standing could change. Because HF and TPP scoring are bound to stage points and Time-based results are directly totalled up. See mode details in Why do places change from Overall to Division?

For TPP scoring the “Time Only” option simply takes the final stage time and total it up for all stages.

For Fit Factor the “Time Only” option uses competitor’s Hit Factor as a base line. The Hit Factor is points divided by time (or points per second). Keeping the same Hit Factor and using max available stage points it adds time-penalty for each point competitor dropped, e.g. you can shoot all As slower and get the same HF. So the “Time Only” option shows how much time you’ve added to your run by being less accurate.

For HF scored matches, the “Time Only” calculations are also shown in the “Stage Info” popup and for incomplete stages in the match results (in that case it uses either the current best HF for that stage or HHF for classifier stages), so you could evaluate time-to-beat current the best result and time-cost of dropped points for C, D, M and NS hits.

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