Squadding Issues?

DJ. We are open for a call anytime.

Resurrecting this one because I’m having an issue where I’ve reserved slots on squads, the reserved slots may or may not be full but the total number of open slots on a squad is less than the number of reserved slots, the squad shows open slots on the user page, but when someone goes to join that squad, they are told it’s full.

We continue to experience the same issue every month. Rebuilding the match each month does not help. We have to manually squad shooters when they email us. It is a pain but what are our options?

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The first question we are going to ask you is. “Is this match cloned?”
Then we will also need the name or link to the match se we can look at it.


I want to say that I started from scratch since it was different enough from the other matches I’ve done but now I honestly don’t remember.

Here’s the match - https://practiscore.com/2021-oregon-open-sectional-championship/register

I will dig into what is going on with your squadding. It will probably be tomorrow before I have an answer.

There is indeed a bug that creates this situation occasionally.
The bug is on the top of “the list”
When the programmers are available to do site repairs they will look into it.
At this time they are on other projects and are only available to fix anything that stops match scoring or the ability to post results.
We will eventually get to it.
The bright side is that the MD can move shooters per their requests easily in the “manage squadding” section of the club page. (we do not suggest trying this in the details section of the approve view list). It is easy to do, takes less than a minute, and you are probably managing your matches many times a week in that area of the site anyhow.
Use this page!!!


Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing. Thanks for looking into it.

I am also experiencing this bug on https://www.practiscore.com/uspsa-cornhusker-classic-by-ben-stoeger-pro-shop/squadding

It just came to my attention today that a number of shooters haven’t been able to squad into any of the Saturday squads because of this bug. Thinking back to a match I ran last October, this same thing must have been happening, because several squads that would normally have been full just never filled up-- bummer I didn’t know why back then!

I will notify our shooters of the problem, but I am eagerly looking forward to the release of the fix.

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Can You tell us if you’re using cloned matches or you’re building matches from scratch?

Hi DJ. It was created several months ago, so my memory won’t be perfect. However, I think this was created new and not cloned.

I am seeing the same behavior with my Area 7 championship match

I have a number of squads with both empty reserved and un-reserved slots. I have had multiple reports from competitors not being able to squad themselves in these squads.
I am still able to squad them manually as an admin, but it is frustrating for the competitors. They think they are doing something wrong.

This is a cloned match from a previous year.


Without looking at it in depth yet, I’m going to guess because you’re using a match that was cloned from last year is causing issues.

We highly suggest not cloning matches more than 2-3 months out as any updates we make to the website will not transfer over into your cloned match… We have done a tutorial regarding cloning (To Clone or Not to Clone......It's a Question).

Having spots reserved and unreserved in the same squad have caused issues in the past for many matches and many of these matches were cloned too.

I’ll take a look at your match and see if this is the same case you’re having.