Squadding Issues?

I am having an issue with regards to squadding shooters. I have just recently discovered the option to reserve some slots for my ROs. Of course, they do not wait for me to squad them half the time, and so I need to manually move them to the reserved spots on the squadding page. In fact, if I am moving them within the same squad to the reserved spot, then I have to delete them and then type their name in the reserved slot.

When I do this, the squadding page shows that the original slot is still available (as it should), however it actually is not available for the a shooter to squad themselves from the Approve/View Shooters Screen.

Not sure how clear all of that is above. The match that I am working on right now is at the following link.


At this moment, there should be 3 open slots open on Squad 2, and this is what shows on the squadding page. However, when I go to the Approve/View shooters screen, and hover over the squad button, there is only 1 slot.

What am I doing wrong?

Currently all the squadding windows are correct.
We will look into what the drop down on the Approve/View shows.
But all the shooters will see an accurate choice and you can use the Squadding window as it is accurate.
I will update you with what we find.

Shooters view

Admins view. you can make changes here easily…

It is a Bug on updating of the dropdown. It is on the list to get fixed but for now the Squadding matrix above is what you should look at.


Can a registered participant still squad themselves in those open slots?

They should have no problem.
It’s only relevant in the approved view section for the match director.

Hi D.J

I’m working with Mike and we’ve seen this come up again where other shooters can see an open squad but cannot squad themselves. We as the Match Directors can squad them but we are getting numerous emails from registered participants about this.

One thing that we are doing is that we are saving slots for our RO’s but some RO’s do squad themselves unfortunately. We go in and remove them and re-squad them to the saved slot but this is appearing to remove one of available slots for the registered participants to squad themselves.

In the drop down or in the squadding section, the registered participant can see there is an empty spot but an error comes up “Looks like the squad is filled up, please try a different squad.”

We have screen shots showing all of this that we can get you if that helps.


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Hi Josh,
When you say “again” are you talking about the same match or a different match? If a different match was it created from scratch or was it cloned??


This was created by scratch. Again meant that Mike’s post from much earlier in the year we are still seeing the issue.

Which exact match and which exact slots are you having problems with? You have a number of currently open matches.

You have matches created all the way to June next year. You are stating that non of them were cloned? that they were all created independently? We suggest not creating more than 2 or 3 months in advance. When the web site gets updated there are chances your matches down the road will not work.

It is this match here
AGC Falling Steel Registration | PractiScore

This match may be a clone, but I know for certain it is not a clone of a clone from last summer. We did build a new match from Scratch around October if I recall correctly.

This issue occurs after I use the Managing Squadding page to move shooters around. If I am moving someone on squad 5 to another (reserved) position on squad 5, then I must first delete that shooter from the squad by clicking on the red X. After I have done this, it seems as if the deleted “slot” can not be filled by participant themselves and must be done by the Match Director and only on the Manage Squadding page (Approve View Shooters shows 0/11 on squads 4 and 5 even though there are actually 2/13 available on both. It also does not even show 0/13 on Squad 6). For some reason, only 5 out of 6 of the sqauds show up in the drop down and they seem to only have 11 slots?

All of these matches were just created in December. I will keep in mind not going out more than 3 months.

And do not clone them. Create all you matches from scratch. They will work better.
I’ll dig into your match in a bit.

I see a number of problems with the match. Would you like to set up a phone call?

This is what a normal shooter sees as available.

This is what an admin sees.

You also have 80 people approved for a 78 person match.

That would be great. Need to be sure and have Josh on with us.

He may see this, but he wont be allowed to squad in those slots.

We normally experience 10-20% withdrawal rate when the match fills up early. Normally approve a few extras as we know that those spots will open. We have never had a problem with the squads filling because quite a few never squad themselves.


A phone call would be great. I can make time to be available so whatever works for everyone