Squadding Issues?

I am having an issue with regards to squadding shooters. I have just recently discovered the option to reserve some slots for my ROs. Of course, they do not wait for me to squad them half the time, and so I need to manually move them to the reserved spots on the squadding page. In fact, if I am moving them within the same squad to the reserved spot, then I have to delete them and then type their name in the reserved slot.

When I do this, the squadding page shows that the original slot is still available (as it should), however it actually is not available for the a shooter to squad themselves from the Approve/View Shooters Screen.

Not sure how clear all of that is above. The match that I am working on right now is at the following link.


At this moment, there should be 3 open slots open on Squad 2, and this is what shows on the squadding page. However, when I go to the Approve/View shooters screen, and hover over the squad button, there is only 1 slot.

What am I doing wrong?

Currently all the squadding windows are correct.
We will look into what the drop down on the Approve/View shows.
But all the shooters will see an accurate choice and you can use the Squadding window as it is accurate.
I will update you with what we find.

Shooters view

Admins view. you can make changes here easily…

It is a Bug on updating of the dropdown. It is on the list to get fixed but for now the Squadding matrix above is what you should look at.


Can a registered participant still squad themselves in those open slots?

They should have no problem.
It’s only relevant in the approved view section for the match director.