Shooter's total number of shots for the match displayed on Competitor app

Would it be possible to see total number of shots a shooter took in their match displayed on the competitor app?

Assuming a sync shot timer was used, just simply adding all the numbers for each stage and each string.

Steel Challenge, USPSA, IPSC matches would be awesome!

Thank you, Tony. I am considering features like this for the 2.0 major app update.

PS: though number of shots for a match might not be that interesting…

Hi Eugene,

I was initially thinking for each individual shooter and each division/gun instead of the overall match.

For example, this would help me figure out how much ammo I used for a particular division in steel challenge to prepare for the next match.

I thought of the idea because I was trying to figure out how much shots I took for a division I’m still in A class for (RFRO).

Thanks again.

@Tony_Villena perhaps you need to mentally plan for the win, instead of making contingency for mistakes… Though number of shots for an SC match is pretty much a constant and you won’t win it by bringing extra ammo. :slight_smile:

LoL! Touche!

When you’ll have more matches, the Competitor app will be able to show more info. E.g. how your time changes for individual SC stages.

Would practiscore competitor ever be able to take all my scores for each stage and each match and let me analyze it?

Yes. Maybe. I’m planning for the 2.0 app features.

But you can already see your past stage results/times in one place. Works for steel challenge and uspsa classifier stages.