Shooter waitlisted, but not from MD's perspective

Each month, I have to check for erroneously waitlisted shooters. We start waitlisting at 60 shooters, and people who come in close to 60 will sometimes get a response that they’re waitlisted, but from my perspective (as the MD, viewing and approving shooters), those shooters are not waitlisted. Before I realized this was going on, we had shooters miss a match because they were never removed from the waitlist, because from what I saw, they weren’t, and there was no way for me to remove them. Has anyone else experienced this?

For the programmer types, or those who are curious, this is caused (I believe) by what’s called a race condition.

I will have your answers and a detailed screen shot for you in the morning.

@Ray_Costanzo ,
Here is what is going on with your matches as I see it.
You have the box checked to wait list shooters after the match closes…but your closing date is not correct…
Then lower on you “Do Not” require payment to register (which can be an issue)
and you Allow Squadding after Registering with no approval or payment.
Those are creating your problems…

Hi DJ. Thanks. Yes, you’re right, that registration close date isn’t right. I don’t know that this is the cause of what I’m referring to though, as it’s happened in multiple matches over the past few years, and the flow, as I perceive it is this:

Max shooters set to 60, registration opens at 8:00 PM, and we get a flood all at 8:00 PM.

Timestamp - Event
8:02.001 - Shooter 60 registers, system queries for shooter count
8:02.002 - System emails match director
8:02.003 - Shooter 61 registers
8:02.004 - System checks shooter count, finds 61, and flags shooter 60 as waitlisted and emails accordingly
–something like that

Like I said, I don’t know the exact inner workings of how the registration works, but from what I’ve seen in a good number of our match registrations, we have had shooters who see themselves as waitlisted, and I see just the opposite in the admin screens, and it’s always shooters who come in just before the cut-off when our shooters are hitting your system hard, and it appears to be a classic race condition.

If you’re interested for specific details, I can point them out privately.

I’ll look into it more in the morning when I can get a hold of the web guys…
They need their sleep :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

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The web guys have alot on their plates but will be looking at this when they can fit it in. I can’t give you a time line but we are aware and will watch out for it.

I appreciate the update. There is certainly no expectation on my side. I just wanted to report the issue, and I’m fine to manually handle things indefinitely. Thank you!

FYI, there are more examples of this condition in our match registration this month. I don’t want to post anyone’s personal information, but I can say that shooters 51, 52, and 53 are in this awkward condition, where they were told they’re wait listed, yet, I see them as not and therefore can’t take them off the wait list. Our match is configured to start wait listing at 50 (used to be 60).

Just a couple of screenshots.
Here is my view as MD of a shooter who I see as approved but not squadded, since PS tells him he’s on the wait list:

And here is a screenshot of what he sees when logged into PS as the shooter.

What’s interesting is that this month it seems to be the opposite, in that the waitlist accurately kicked in at shooter 51 from the shooter’s perspective, but it was not reflected properly on the admin side. I believe it was the other way around before. But, no big deal. I’m just reporting an update. It’s not the end of the world for me to check all the shooters close to the cut-off for a potential miscommunication and just manually tell them to come shoot. Thanks for all you do, Practiscore.

I have the Web Dev’s looking at it again.
I am betting its the fact that because you had the match reg close that the act of reopening the registration is not propagating the ability to squad or show unwaitlisted across the board.
We will see what the smart ppl say.

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I am having the same issue now. It looks like 5 competitors got waitlist emails, but they’re all listed as approved in my match director list. I asked one of them to try to squad and he said he can’t because he’s waitlisted.

Registration opened at 7:00 and we hit our max shooters of 90 at about 7:01. I’ve never seen this issue in the past, but we’ve never hit max shooters so early after registration opened.

emailing you.

We had another victim this month. People get pissed at me because they think I’m keeping them on the wait list indefinitely, and meanwhile, everyone is approved from what I see. Come on, it’s been two years.

Which exact match are we discussing?

whose the guy? I’ll look at the account. If he is using a sketchy email then it could be on him

It’s a bit of extra work, but I opt to receive copies of all match emails, so I can see who got waitlist emails and then compare that to the list of approved/waitlisted shooters. If I want to approve someone who got a waitlist email even though they appear approved to me, I manually send them an email and squad them myself.

Yep, I do the same thing each month. It’s not really a huge deal as far as mechanically checking that each month, but man, if I had a defect like this sitting in my software where I work for two years, I would have been fired a year ago.