Rimfire Challenge - Combining Rifle and Pistol entries for an aggregate score

I’m trying to find a template that allows an individual to have multiple division entries but can still combine divisions for an aggregate score. This will be for Level 1 Rimfire Challenge match. They now allow a competitor to shoot a rifle, a pistol, or both; however their scoring template is Open or Limited and doesn’t break out rifle and pistol. It’s easy enough to add the Pistol and Rifle as separate entries, but I’m not seeing a way to combine Rifle and Pistol scores. Closest solution I find is the way SCSA combines divisions for the Rifle Master. I can build a new template but does anyone know how to add the information to combine divisions?

Currently we don’t have any options to customize which divisions are combined. SCSA is custom.

Your best bet is to run separate matches for pistol and rifle and then create 2-match series to combine results from two matches.

Eugene that does what I’m looking for. I’ll give you a rundown of what I did to get there, a few more steps but I think it works. See if this is what you had in mind,

I downloaded my match registration, then cloned the match and called one rifle and the other pistol. Then I went into each match and deleted the rifle entries form my pistol match and pistol entries from the rifle match. I entered scores for shooters in each match, then created the series with both matches.

When I look at the Match Series results it shows combined results for each entry that shot both matches, and it also shows the two matches with a hypertext, would I upload both matches plus the Series or does the series upload populate the hypertext?

I would recommend to upload individual matches. Then upload series.

You can run separate registrations for your individual matches to save the trouble with deleting competitors. Though that deleting doesn’t take much time when you sort competitors by division.

Also you can clone/split/delete after your match is completed.

I tried cloning a match after entering scores, and then deleting the rifle scores in the pistol match and the pistol scores in the rifle match. When I created the Series all the entries showed up as 1/1, I’d lose the aggregate scores. When I clone before scoring and run it like two separate matches it worked great. One extra step to move between matches but it gets me the result I was after.

The 2nd registration is an option, but I think “walk ins” will create just as much work as cloning and deleting entries will. Having the second match should eliminate the possibility of rifles scores getting entered into the pistol match

Thank you for the help