Refunding through Practiscore not working

Not an urgent issue, just a heads up that when I tried the new refund through Practiscore feature for the first time today, the shooter’s row on the shooter list turns into a spinning wheel indefinitely. Please let me know if you would like to try any troubleshooting steps.

Also a side question, when refunding through Practiscore, does it give you the option to specify an amount, or does it only process a full refund? We almost always issue partial refunds.

Thank you!

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@Cactus_Practical, Was your match setup prior to the new Storefront release last week? If so, you’ll still need to do refunds through Stripe instead of through Practiscore. As far as I’ve seen, when refunding through Practiscore, it only does the full amount.

I think it would be a good idea for @Jeff_Krammer to update the script where it allows us to do partial refunds instead of having to login to Stripe all the time.

It is currently set to only refund the entire amount. I will look into adding an option to partial refunds.

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@Stephanie just for context, this match was created after activating Stripe Connect.

@Jeff_Krammer let me know if you would you like me to create a separate post under ideas about partial refunds.


I never received a refund after I had to withdraw from the smoking guns competition in Casper Wy. Can someone help me with this?

Hi Todd!

You will have to contact the match director. We cannot access club Stripe accounts, as that would essentially allow us access to their bank account.

@Todd_Elliott, do you know how to contact the match director, or do you need help with that?

I do not, so help would be appreciated. Thanks

@Todd_Elliott when you originally registered for that match, you should have received an email confirmation. You should be able to simply reply to that email to contact the match director. Did you receive a confirmation email that you can reply to?

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Here’s the contact email from their PractiScore Club page. Hopefully this helps you.


Thank you i appreciate the info! Todd

Refunds through Practiscore including partial refunds are now working. Tested and confirmed. Thanks!

Does this comment about when the match setup was done matter if the match was cloned from a match that was built prior to the Storefront releasing?

Hi @Jason_Bryngelson,

Yes it does matter. We suggest creating a whole new match if you haven’t done so since the Storefront release.

Thank you.

Hi, @Jason_Bryngelson

This is an excerpt from an email and subsequent phone conversation I had today with the MD of the Cancelled Alabama State Match.
This may or may not pertain to your situation.

You are in the limbo part of the stripe conversion.
What has happened is that these folks paid stripe Match Fees “before” the Stripe Connect was live. Now you have Stripe Connect but for “the shooters who paid via the old stripe system” you cannot refund them with the new refund button.
You may still refund them the old way by going into your Stripe account and refunding them.
Hence the limbo thing where your match was half and half types of payments.
Hope this clears things up.

It was his situation and he was able to easily refund the match fees.



I have found that refunding does not work from the match dashboard even though the open is present. It only seems to work from the “approved shooters” pages.

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@Jason_Bryngelson yes I believe that was true for me too. I just stopped using the match dashboard for refunds.

Here is a thread discussing the dashboard integration.

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Thanks @D.J.Petrou, not a big deal. More of a nice to have. :slight_smile:

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