Refund doesn't work from the Request to Withdraw pane

From the match dashboard when you choose to Refund from the Request to Withdraw pulldown, nothing happens. It only works from the Withdraw pulldown in the list of (Approve) shooters.

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The storefront withdraw and refund is in the Approve/View section. :+1:

I don’t understand. I choose Withdraw->Refund in response to their Withdrawal request and nothing happens by design??

If you could give me your match that this is happening in I can look at it. Currently of the matches you are an admin of there are no requests and only one refund of a non withdrawn shooter.

I currently have no withdrawals pending, because I processed the refund and withdrawal via the Approve/View shooters list without issue. However, I usually work from the match dashboard and if I get withdrawals, I process them under “Requests to Withdraw”. Withdrawing always works fine from this screen and this week, I tried to also refund from this screen (instead of separately through Stripe) first. Choosing Withdraw->Refund simply refreshed the screen–it never stopped and prompted me for amount to refund, etc nor did it generate any traffic in Stripe. The image attached below is of what this screen looked like before I refunded and withdrew (and subsequently deleted) the shooter from the Approve/View Shooters screen.

@D.J.Petrou Here’s an example where I cannot refund from the match dashboard request. See this match ==>

It does not work from the dashboard at this time.
We have put the feature on the list for upcoming updates.
Currently you have to use the Approve/View shooters list.