Recent match not showing in my Dashboard

I shot a match yesterday, Rio Salado Nrl22 July24 ,2022, and it’s not showing in my Dashboard view or anywhere else. When I lookup the match using the Scores search I can find it and I see my name in the results. First time I have seen this happen. Any ideas?

Take a look at this.

Thanks, yes the scores were posted and my email was correct as I received the usual pre-match emails. The match director is not sure why it’s not displaying for me.

I just went to your Dashboard and took this screenshot.
Is this what you are looking for? You might want to ask the MD to check the date on his match creation. This is what happens when folks clone their matches and miss a line item.

Thank you for pointing that out, I was looking by the date and did not see it down below. I appreciate the help and will relay the message to the MD.