% psbl not at 100% for division winner

Our most recent match has the match director starting a points system for the season. We only had 3 of our divisions where the winner got all 400 match points. The other divisions have the % psbl column at less than 100%. Why are the results generating this way.

To search for our match results: Chillicothe Sportsmens Club January Match

The only match I see in the results section is the USPSA match. Do you have a link to this?

That is the match. Forgot to put USPSA in the title.

The match type you all are using is USPSA or Hit Factor.
Doing so changes overall or division winners total percentage of points available. This is not optimal to having every division having 100% earned.
You need to be looking at the results and all the data.
For example the Open and CO divisions. The top shooters got all the points.
Limited and Production shooters have Mikes and Deltas which means there are shots they got nothing (0) for and means they could not earn 100%psbl.

It’s the nature of the scoring.
I don’t know what your MD is doing for the season or how he is counting everything so that is another story. There are options withing the PS system for a series but it has limits depending on what the MD envisions.

If the MD has problems I would suggest they reach out to us at [email protected]

What would I want to use to get 100% in every division? We have always used USPSA scoring and I have found other matches from other people in the results that have the same issue. I think that is just the way that it will have to be.

The MD wants to take the points earned from a first run (our matches can be shot on 2 days in either the same division or changed). So if you want to shoot in open then optimally the always shoot open 1st time. I think at the end of the year he will take the number of points earned for the season and divide it by the number of matches shot to get a season average points. Will have to have some minimum number of matches shot but we haven’t discussed that.

Where is the option to do a series?

Thanks for the replies.

@Matt_Lee also check Scoring Tournament, Club League or Match Series in PractiScore app for Android

There you have several options how to pick value for individual series matches. Most common is the % in the division results is used - 0…100.