Pre-registration codes

I am trying to setup a pre-register code for ROs to use at the next match. My question is do I setup one code for all of them to use or do I need one code for each of the individuals?? Seems like there would be a way to do a group but i want to be sure before i send the code to them. Thanks

Hi Jason,
Are you looking for a discounted match fee for your RO’s or Comping the match fee to them as staff???

I’m also wondering how to use the preregistration code. I just want staff to be able to register before the match opens to the public. I’ve set up a code, but my staff can’t figure out where to use it. I can’t see it since I manage the club.

@Ty_Clark while your match registration is not open yet, the web site will show an entry form where your staff shooters can enter pre-registrarion codes.

Thanks for the help, I think we having it working now. I believe my issue was I didn’t realize the code could only be used once. I created one code, someone used it then the next guy didn’t see the option.

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It is my understanding that each individual needs their own code. You can renew the codes once they are used, but that doesn’t work well when you have everyone trying to register at once.

@David_Black the idea is one code - one competitor. Don’t reuse them, but add more codes instead.

Also, you could keep your match registration page private (not searchable) and distribute link to the registration form to those you need to pre-register. Once pre-registration is completed you can change match registration to be public.

See This…

Yes, except that if you follow a naming convention, competitors find it easy to guess the name of your match even though it is marked private.

@Kevin_Collins don’t think you could guess links to the match results. They are like

For match registrations you could add a random string to the match name when creating new match. You could remove it from the name after. E.g. use this free service to get random strings -

Yes, exactly what I learned to do. Add a random suffix to my match registration naming convention. After the save, rename the match to remove the random suffix! Now no one can guess a private match name.

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So if the codes are 1 off codes how do you share the codes to the people that need them

Most normally I, the MD, am in direct contact with the person who gets the code. I just email it from the list of codes I created and loaded to the match. I use one of the free random number generators found on the web to create my list.