PractisScore for wildcat shooting events

I am trying to figure out if PractiScore can be configured to work for our defensive practical rifle event. Basically it is IDPA with a rifle/carbine with 0.5 points and division categories different than for IDPA. Same penalty structure as for IDPA.

I am an experienced MD in PractiScore for both IDPA and Steel Challenge so I can configure a club, set up matches, etc but cannot find/create the template to make our event work in PractiScore.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Please update your scoring tablet to the newest version of Practiscore.
Recently we updated them with a new match type named “Points Down” it is a generic scoring style similar to what IDPA uses.
You should look at it and set it up for your needs. I think you will find that it will do what you want.

We always had the “Points Down” template on the tablets. Though on iOS it was stashed in under IDPA subfolder.

Now we also have the “Points Down” template on the PractiScore website (in under “affiliation” drop down). You will have to edit the PD value and penalties after bringing in match registration to the tablets.

Another option is to use custom match template with PD and penalties pre-configured, create match locally and then use “import into the current match” option in the app when you use pin# import to load your registration.