Practiscore Rejects My Working Credit Card

Practiscore on Mac, both Safari and Chrome, rejects my known working credit card. Any ideas how to fix?

You are using Stripe right? Because if it is rejecting your card, then there is a Stripe error.
Try using this tutorial Online Payment is not working. I can’t Pay!

Thanks! Yes Stripe.

I was just watching you Shooting USA! SS Nats and PCC. You rock!

oh :blush: Thank you!


I contacted my card issuer Citibank. There were no declines on the card for Stripe or the host range. The range admin for Practiscore told me that many people registered for the match today. Any suggestions?

Just sharing the process with you.
We at Practiscore do not touch any of the money of registrations.
What we do is connect the Club with Stripe (the credit card processor).
So if the match registration is working (which this one seems to be) and you are not able to pay with your card (which you aren’t) then it is really between your bank, Stripe and possibly the club.
The only other thing is that you could have an issue with the device you are trying to pay on. If you are using a mobile phone or tablet I would suggest using a desktop.
Personally when I do anything online that I need to make sure of I always use the deaktop. My wife will tell you that I always say. “Hang on, let me get on my “real” computer (desktop) and fix it”.
Hope this helps…


Thanks for the explanation. The club is checking the Stripe key (whatever that is).