Online Payment is not working. I can't Pay!

Why can’t I pay for a match?

If you are having issues paying for a match, one of the most common issues is that Stripe was marked as a fraudulent payment by your bank. You’ll want to contact your bank and let them know that it is an intentional payment.
Another common issue is that the match director did not enter their Stripe keys correctly. You’ll need to contact them and ask the MD to check that the keys are entered correctly. We recommend hand entering them, rather than copy/paste due to spaces causing unnoticed extra digits in the keys.
A less common, but still possible, issue is that the club’s Stripe account was shut down. This usually happens when a club is using the Stripe account that is also linked to their Practiscore club to sell guns and/or ammunition, which is against Stripe’s TOS. If this is the case, the club will need to contact Stripe and work out a solution with them before the payments may be resumed.