Posting Outlaw Match scores

Can anyone help with the possibility of posting outlaw match scores? Following USPSA general format, but not a sanctioned match, completely outlaw (i.e. we allow 22 ammo).

Take a look at the “Hit Factor” match type.

Thats what I was thinking.

There is also match template called SSAA (shooting sports entity from Australia). It has an additional “Small Pistol” power factor with hit values like: A: 3, C: 2, D: 0, M: 10, NS: 10.

You can use that match template. If you remove the ssaa subtype after that it will have regular IPSC/USPSA scoring zone names - ACDM, otherwise it will use ABCM scoring zones.

We don’t have option in the apps to edit the hit values, though one could manually edit match template and use it locally.

You can still use PractiScore website for match registration, just create match on device first and then use option to import into the current match when using pin# import from the PractiScore match website.