Points Down Scoring

What type of scoring is closest to IDPA scoring.We want to run a pistol match using IDPA type scoring,but we don’t have IPDA affiliation.We need to build a match we can “clone” weekly.

We do have “Points Down” match template in the app, but somehow not on the website (the affiliation dropdown when you create new match). It is the same as IDPA template, minus the match subtype, rulebook docs and DQ rules.

@djpetrou please follow up with the web team about match templates missing on the website

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Thank you for your reply. So how do I set up a match on a tablet at home ( not the tablet that the scoring will be do on) and then post is as an upcoming match on the PS website so that shooters can pre register,then pull that match down with the kindle tablet that is at the range,do the scoring,and then post the results back to PS under that same match title. Our club does has an account with PS, and it is used weekly for USPSA matches.Also,I can create the “Points Down” match on either Android or IOS whichever works better,as the scoring tablet will be kindle if it makes a difference.Also, I would like to be able to “Clone” the match for subsequent weeks within the website after it has been moved to the website.

And how do I follow up with the web team about “match templates missing on the website”?

You don’t need to follow up with the webteam. @djpetrou does

The Points Down match type is currently available only on the Android App. Not on the iOS app.

We can put it on the list for web addition but the reality is it will probably be a while before things can be accomplished. Unfortunately I cannot give you a timeline.

You have numerous other match admin questions and I would suggest that you start in our tutorial section with this thread then go from there.

Thanks - I’ll look at the tutorial and any videos.Will I be able to create a match on the Android tablet and load it up to the PS website for Pre Registration of shooters?

You are going to need to read the tutorials first.
The short version is.
You create the match and registration on the website.
When it is time for the match you import your shooters from the web to the tablet with the Practiscore scoring app. You create your stages on the scoring app.
Of course it is a little more involved than that and you can do it all via the app but that is not the norm and very labor intensive.
Please spend time in the tutorial section.

Dick - you said the club is using Practiscore for USPSA. The fundamentals are the same as you are considering. By all means study the Tutorials per DJ’s recommendations but to ease your angst, ask your club’s Practiscore USPSA administrator, who did or does their matches to give you a hand. Tutorials, hands on, notes, and patience will make your task much easier. You will find working with an experienced user make your life easier. Am speaking from experience about learning and as the new startup MD’s helper .

Few things to note.

You can create match either on the website OR in the app.

You can’t move anything you created in the app (e.g. the match itself, stages or registration) back to the website (except posting match results).

You can pull your match registrations into another match you’ve created on the device (e.g. created using your own custom match template in the app).

For small matches you can do everything on device and register your shooters as they arrive and checkin to the range. It is not that much more work and then you don’t need to create match on the website. And just post your match results to PractiScore website once match is completed. There are few downsides for that - like no pre-registration and no visibility of the match on the PractiScore website.

I appreciate all the replies from you and Dakota_Ringo and I have spent hours discussing with our clubs’ PS admin, and going over the tutorials,videos etc.
My problem is this:

1 I want to post a match on the website so our shooters can pre-register

2 I want to use the NON-IDPA points down scoring system because we are not an IDPA affiliate,and I don’t want to violate your Terms of Service , or offend IDPA by post a match on PS that has the small “IDPA Level 1” tagline at the end of my posting.

Therefore I need to create the match on the android tablet so I can get the plain vanilla version of “Points Down scoring” then move it to the PS web site

Would setting up a match on the PS website using IDPA scoring violate your terms of service or offend IDPA if I clearly state in the pre-registration that the match is not an IDPA match and that we are merely using the IDPA scoring that is provided by the PS website?
If this is permissible, that would solve my immediate problem until the generic Points Down scoring template becomes available on the PS website. We would even consider a contribution to PS if that would help.We would need a be able to clone the match,and we shoot it once a week.

We love Practiscore and all the work you do for all the shooting sports, and we really prefer Points Down scoring. It is ideal for the club matches we shoot.

Respectfully Submitted

As a workaround (until template is added to the website) create a timeplus match on website. Edit divisions in the registration form to match your needes. Do registration there. Do not create stages on the website.

Then create match on device and when doing pin# import for your registration check the “import registration into the current match”.

That should be it.

I feel we are progressing towards a solution,and I really appreciate all your help.

So when we are doing the pin# import for our registration into the current match, the “current match”
will be another match we have already created on the master tablet that has the generic Point Down scoring system in place.

Can I create that match on my personal tablet and transfer it to the Master Tablet when I arrive at the range, or should I create the match with the generic points down scoring on the Master tablet at the range?

If another PS administrator pulls down the pin# for the Time plus match before I arrive,will I be able to transfer it to another generic points down upon my arrival, either by creating the match on the spot,or transfering on I’ve created at home?

What are your thoughts on just using the IDPA template from the PS web site with a disclaimer?

Main thing there. Do the pin# import after registration is closed. And do it once, only to one tablet. From that point only sync your match using local wifi sync and make any changes for registrations on the tablet.

Also note, you can’t create the “same” match on multiple devices. They will be different matches. You can only sync match to another device in order for it to be the same match. Same goes for stages and even competitors.

Getting closer to a workable solution.Still unclear on this part of the instruction.Please address this:

“Can I create that match on my personal tablet and transfer it to the Master Tablet when I arrive at the range, or should I create the match with the generic points down scoring on the Master tablet at the range?”


It really depend on the way things are happening with your match and at what point you are able to do sync between devices. As long as you don’t create match (or stages) on multiple devices and don’t pull registration using pin# to multiple devices you should be fine.

I suggest to create a test match on the website (and tablet) and go trough the process as it will be happening at the real match.

I ran a test as you suggested and I was able to get the info into the Tablet with the pin# for the PS web site match I created.

However two things happened when I posted the results back to the web site.

  1. the results did not show up in the “Match Results” listing of my clubs web page on PS
  2. when I searched for the results and found them,it still had the IDPA tag attached link

This is expected when match is created on the tablet. You can link those results with you club using the “Claim Results for Club” button on the match results page.

This is historical, regardless if match was created using IDPA or the Points Down template (because scoring was named after IDPA). It would also require some changes on the website.

Thanks again for all your help. Would be so much simpler if the generic Points Down template was on the PS web site. I’ll be trying this workaround at the next match. Please do what you can to get the web site updated.