Perhaps a way to tabulate shooter scores across multiple events

I help run the “Canadian Rimfire Precision series” and the “Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series” here in the great white north. We use practiscore to track our individual events. Is there a way to collect all the scores from a swath of events and get all the scores and tabulate them?

Our league manually tracks the events and tublates the shooters scores across events, but this involves hours and hours not to mention a ton of excel spreadsheets.

Anyone else encounter this issue?

Hi Will,
Yes,there is a series report that is available. You can combine many matches in it. I am traveling for the next 5 -6 hours and will give you a more detailed reply when we stop driving. I might even be able to create a tutorial for you to read through.


If you are using Android tablets, take a look at this and see if it’s helpful -

  • Paul

Thanks, it’s hard to cut and paste and find links when you’re driving at 75 mph.

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