Penalties in a match

Is there any way to determine what penalties were charged in a match short of going back to the scores on the original scoring devices?

Normally if match was created using a correct IPSC or USPSA match template you should have the individual penalties recorded. Don’t need to go to the scoring devices if match was synced to the master. You can look at them on the master. The scores verification screen shows them.

Also, if scores were posted to the PractiScore website, you can also see these penalties under the scores history in the PractiScore Competitor app.

This match was created from the USPSA template on our iPad master, sync’d to our individual Android devices for scoring, and back to the iPad master at the end. The master has a blank penalty report (reported on the iOS app queue) with shooters but no individual penalties recorded. As for PS Competitor, I can see a penalty was assigned when I look at a particular shooter for a particular stage, but I cannot tell what for.

I guess I should have asked that in first place. I was really looking for a way to not just see penalty counts but reasons. I was assuming that might be in the iOS penalty report.

Generally this statement doesn’t mean much without confirming the ipad master was running the most up to date app version at the time the match was created.

Sure you can:

Yes it was at the current (and present) levels before we created the match. The first step before our first match of the year was to update the androids and ipad to the latest levels before we started creating anything.

@euxx I like your image way better than what I’m seeing. Either I don’t understand where you got the screen below or more likely this is a case where Android app >> iPhone app. Below is your screen from above that includes the FTSA from PS Competitor and then a copy of my screen–much harder to read output and no FTSA wording from the same match/shooter/stage.


The screen you are looking at is the “Stage Info”. You can read more about information shown there at the "Stage Info" screen in PractiScore Competitor app article.

It seems like the iOS app is missing a direct link to the “Scores History” screen from the scores’ menu. I’ll add it in one of the future app updates.

In the meantime you can get to it trough the “Edit Scores” option and then “Review”.

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