OCCC NRL22 January cof score DQ

I downloaded the template and saved it as a different name and file name ran the match entered scores submitted the scores they showed correct for hours then you dq’d my match please advise

-Did not use the clone option but was saved under a different name regardless

Would you be able to restore the original submission or send it to me via email so I can import it to my clone file

You need to reach out to @Levi_Sanderson as he is the NRL 22 representative.
From what you described your mistake was not cloning the match. When you used the existing match that you were sent as a template the background information was still the original match because you did not clone.
So the match you posted in effect was the original not your own. I’m sure it was overwritten and that’s why all your data disappeared.
It’s important that match directors follow Levi’s directions exactly. Cloning the match is not an option, it is a requirement.
Please reach out to Levi.

Hi Roy,

I hope your are doing well. It looks like you had a great match! I was reaching out because you did not clone the PractiScore template for your match.

Please clone the template before changing it into your match information.

To fix this, please go back to your tablet, find the match that you renamed with the results, clone it (including scores) and repost it.

Then, moving forward for February and beyond, please be sure to clone the PractiScore template after you you’ve downloaded it. Then, after it’s cloned, go ahead and change it over to your match’s name and date etc.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Levi Sanderson

@Levi_Sanderson I should point out an additional option. You can mark your downloadable match template as a “template” then users could simply create a new match and select your template after that downloaded template is imported to a tablet.

See more at Creating your own match templates in PractiScore app

Also you can also enable the “Secure Match” option in the match settings in your downloadable match template and set some password to prevent users from editing downloaded template.