NRL 22 time required stage, countdown time

Would it be possible to add the option to enter countdown time (time remaining) to the time required stage?

For the time required stage PS wants the time elapsed as is displayed on a shot timer. At our club the active shooting points are close enough that the timer would pick up another shooter’s shots. So we would need to stop other shooting while timing the one stage with a shot timer.

If PS had the option to enter the time remaining clubs could use a simple stopwatch with the countdown feature.
PS already has to find the time remaining to calculate the Bonus points.
120 seconds - time elapsed = time remaining / 10 = Bonus points


I would refer you to @Levi_Sanderson who is our/the NRL22 expert on stages you describe. He should answer this describing how they do it.

Hi Wayne,

Most clubs follow the methods laid out in the NRL22 rules. Standard stopwatches are recommended and the time is stopped when the shooter says “Done”. The time elapsed is recorded in seconds down to the tenth of a second into practiscore and practiscore does the rest.

My club and many others use the CED7000 shot timer in “Stopwatch” mode. This allows manual manipulation like a standard Stopwatch but reports the time in seconds making it easy for the RO to simply enter the time displayed on the Shot timer.

Setting standard shot timers to be sensitive enough to pick up suppressed 22’s make the timers too sensitive and picks up many other noises as well like you described.



We were chatting at my club last match and were wondering why can’t Practiscore us the timer/stop watch built into Andriod/iOS as a timer. This is likely a feature for Practiscore but it would be cool to have an option to have it right there on the tablet and use it as the timer. I know there are BT shot timers but in NRL we don’t really need that and could do it right on the tablet itself.


@Jacob_Orchard recent versions of Android and ios allow you to run two apps in a split screen mode. No need to reimplement that in PractiScore app.

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Up till now we did pen and paper scoring with a $30 stopwatch and cheap kitchen timers. Put a decimal point on the face of the stopwatch and as a countdown timer you had the bonus points.
Alright, will switch to countup time and just have to watch the stopwatch so the shooter doesn’t go over time.
The CED 7000 timer must be popular the places where I looked online were out of stock.

Call Shooters Connection and ask for Ryan.
Tell him I sent you. They have them in stock.

Yep. All you have to do is set the par-time for 2 minutes and wait for a beep

Only problem with this method is that the timer doesn’t pick up suppressed 22’s. Have you found a way to manually stop it at the time needed using Par time mode?

Most clubs use par time in “Countdown” mode for every stage except the timed stage. Then on the timed stage change the ced into “Stopwatch” mode and manually start and stop the timer when needed.

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I was thinking of recommending the split screen as an alternative solution as well! I might try it at my club and see if it is helpful or a pain in the butt. Sometimes simple kitchen timers are tough to beat for countdown timing.

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@Levi_Sanderson I’d swap them to have timer app at the bottom. The on-screen keyboard is popping up from the bottom over the app.

Good call. I’ll try it both ways. I don’t have any of my Amazon fires with me right now but so far my phone doesn’t appear to throw the keyboard over the app…

Came up with a work around for just putting in the Bonus Points numbers. Turn off the Time Required and add a Variable Point target and set it up with values 10.00, 1.00, 0.10 and 0.01. Then read the numbers off the stopwatch in Countdown mode with decimal point on the face and there you go.

Just had the thought that nobody I know would be able to shoot any NRL22 stage in 20 seconds or less so the Bonus Points does not need to have a field to enter 10.00. Also you can Add any type of target because you are going to change all the labels and values.

@Wayne_Woodcock having all bonuses with the same name may fail in some unpredictable ways in the app. They aren’t meant to be used like that.

Thanks for catching that it was a bit late when doing that. Stuck some more in the Field name.

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@Jacob_Orchard @euxx

Took the split screen functionality for a test run during my match Saturday.

Here are my findings.

  1. Amazon Fire 7’s don’t support the split screen functionality but Fire 8’s do support split screen.

  2. I had 3 squads use the split screen functionality.
    First squad:
    This squad said they liked having it but they were also the oldest squad of shooters and had to chase me down 5-6 times throughout the match and ask me to help them get the correct screens back on the tablet.
    Second squad:
    This squad had a good experienced RO and was a younger guy that works well with technology. He only had to track me down 1 time to fix the split screen.
    Third squad:
    Testing was unsuccessful because they never saw the split screen when they started scoring and ran the whole match with an external timer like normal.

Even with the technology challenges and learning a new functionality of the tablets, the squads that used them said it was helpful and enjoyed having both apps on the screen.

Both squads used it with the timer on the top. When the keyboard comes up, it just squishes the timer up. The other option with timer on the bottom is an option as well but when the keyboard comes up, it’ll cover up the time and the timed stage is the only stage you will ever need the keyboard anyways. Both ways should work, just have to see what you and your squads like better.

Conclusion: If the split screen could be “pinned” to the screen, and it was available on Fire 7’s, it would be a clear win. The positive feedback from the squads tells me to continue using it on my Fire 8’s and see if the shooters become more familiar with the split screen functionality to “self-fix” when the screens go away.


Used PractiScore for the first time to score our NRL22 match this past Saturday. It worked great, was using a couple of Fire 7" tablets, kitchen timers and a stopwatch in countdown mode. The oldest Fire 7 just about had a dead battery at the end of the match so it is being replaced by a Fire 8 bought yesterday on Mother’s Day Sale.

We did have one timed stage for Bonus Points, used a stopwatch with the decimal point on the face as described in a few message up. Everything worked fine. Today I have been looking at the timer apps trying to find one that has countdown timing, displays 0.1 seconds and works with split screen. No luck so far.

I am bringing 2 Renogy Phoenix 300 power banks to keep tablets charged …I’ve bought ebay’s 5$digital stopwatches…they do everything you ask but a little difficult to learn…I’m planning on replacing them with analog stopwatches… NRL22 rulebook says use stopwatches…cellphone timers don’t always trigger correctly, hard to see in the sun and leave too much room for error imo.

We are lucky and have power on the range. Just had to stick the the tablet on a charger before it shut down with only a couple of shooters left to go for the day. The tablet is an older one and it just went through the battery charge about twice as fast as the other tablet.
As for a stopwatch we are using one bought online for about $30. For the timed stage we use the countdown timer mode and I put a decimal point on the screen to help read off the Bonus Points.