NRA Target Scoring

I’m running a military rifle shoot with two stages of 10 shots on a NRA bullseye target. Score is 10 shots @ 10 points each for a maximum of 100 for each stage. Therefore, I want to enter a number between 1-100 for each stage with a grand total max of 200. How do I set up my stages for that?

Thank you.

Here is a default NRA 1 Pistol target 10 shots stage (it can be altered to not have X and -10 zones). The NRA Universal Target has 10 to 0 zones.

If you don’t want to enter individual hits. You can create your own custom target with a single 1-point scoring zone. Then you could enter 0-100 hits.

Thank you. Can you tell me how to set up a custom target with one score?

  • Create a new NRA match
  • Build Stages
  • Edit Targets (at the bottom)
  • Add Target (at the bottom)
  • Select any type from the list, e.g. NRA Pistol. Change target name to something you like (e.g. “100 Points”)
  • Change number of hits to 1 (it is counter intuitive, but you are entering it as one shot)
  • Tap the Fields button
  • Change the first field name to 100, change value to 1.00 and delete all other fields.
  • Exit back to “Build Stages” screen and tap “Add Stage” (at the bottom)
  • On stage editing screen tap Edit next to the targets
  • Then tap “Add Target” and select your “100 points” target
  • Change number of hits for the target to 1

That’s about it. You can also mark this match with custom target as a “template” and use it when creating new matches. See Creating your own match templates in PractiScore app

The only NRA option is NRA Action. Will that work?

The ‘NRA Action’ is a template for ‘points’ scoring. You can make your customizations of it, including completely replacing target types defined in the match.

See match and scoring types supported in the PractiScore apps

Is it too late to change my match now? It ran this morning and was completed at noon.

Not following what you wanted to change in a completed match.

I had my match setup as a PRS match which only allowed me to score a hit or miss. I need to score out of 100.

After match was created or even scored it is not possible to change scoring type. You will have to start from a new match.

ok, thanks.

I built a template for this a few years ago that works well for our bulls eye group.
Our club had 5 divisions:

  1. Standard Semi
  2. Enhanced Semi
  3. Standard Revolver
  4. Enhanced Revolver
  5. Open

4 Stages are on the template. They were simply listed as Stage1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4 - I don’t recall the COF for each - something like Slow fire freestyle, slow fire strong hand, slow fire weak hand, and rapid fire freestyle (If this isn’t correct, I’m sorry - going off memory).

“Stage not fired” = 100.00

Bonuses listed:
Time Equalization = 1.00 - ONE is checked
X = 10.0
10 = 10.0
9 = 9.0
8 = 8.0
7 = 7.0
6 = 6.0
5 = 5.0

When scoring, the shooter gets 1.00 seconds added to the time (the app won’t allow you to not have a time).
Check the 1.00 second “Time Equalization” bonus to clear that 1.00 second from the score.

Now, simply select the quantity of X’s, 10’s, etc as required for scoring.

This template permits the correct order when viewing the results… and the best thing about it, you’re not using paper scoring.

If anyone would like a copy of this template, email me at [email protected].