Not able to see self squadding for IPSC match

I have been receiving emails from registered shooters that they see the message that they are able to squad but there is no where to actually do the squadding. They are seeing this:

What match is this for?

There’s nobody squadded for the match. Since registration closes at noon on 7/3, you won’t be able to squad anymore. You’ll need to contact the Match Director for further information.

I am the match director for this match. I have looked for a place to enable self squadding but am unable to.

You have the match as closing at noon on 7/3 (which has already passed). Nobody will be able to squad unless you re-open the registration and then you can use the personal management link to squad. If you want to manually squad shooters, you can do that through “manage squadding” and type in shooter’s names.

So sorry for the silly questions, this is my first match as a MD. How do I reopen registration?

Use the pencil icon next to the match name in the listing of the matches and change the registration close date/time line.

Thank you for your help! Next time I’ll get it right.


Feel free to use this link for more info.