None of the 5 JPG images appears on Fire 8 tablet

None of the 5 JPG images appears on Fire 8 tablet. Match Pin ***.

Greene Rod and Gun Club IDPA 7/8/2023

I deleted the match from the tablet and tried again with same result.

You may need to delete attached documents/images from your match and add them again, but remove all spaces from the image file names.

Though I’ve got these images dowloaded, but it took over 15 minutes to complete.

Btw, the layout like that might be good for PDFs, but for stage images you better use just the image part and put stage details and briefing into stage description on the website.

Also see Create stages automatically when downloading match from the PractiScore web site

Thank you Eugene.
I deleted all the spaces from filenames. No improvement.
I tried each image, one at a time so each time I delete the match from the tablet and re-import with only one image. All fail individually.
I deleted the leading numerical digits fro filename. Example: was 01Gang.jpg, now gang.jpg Success.
I will repeat with the remining 4 images and report back later.

Success was short lived with one image, gang.jpg.
When added image barricade.jpg for stage 2, now neither image shows up in tablet.
Icons appear in build stages menu on tablet, but no image displayed.

Aside from problems with images, I took your advice to enter number of targets in stage desciption. So far this is a success to avoid the need to enter in the tablet in the build stages menu.

tried pdf image. Shows a pdf icon in the build stages menu for the stage, but no image displayed.

old match from April 2023 had jpg image success with all stages. I deleted April 2023 match from tablet, then used match pin# pjztsl to re-download. Now none of the images appear. Something has changed somewhere to negatively affect what was successful in the past.

@Jeff_Chimileski assuming you are dowloading match on Android, after you tap on accept match changes, the app shows notification in the system tray while images are being dowloaded and then an error if it failed to dowload images. You may need to wait until download is completed.

I will have to check with web crew why it takes long to dowload these images.