No squading link when approval letter sent out

Hi Jenny,

Can you post a picture of what you’re seeing in the approval emails? Usually shooters will get an email from Practiscore with a link to their individual personal management page and then they can pay and/or squad.

When personal approval emails are sent out and shooters are advised the can now squad – there is no squads linked … below is a copy of what is being sent with the missing squad links – there are no squad’s listed below -

Sorry didn’t give you match info – this is for UDPL Supershoot

USSL-USL Member Number


Covid 19 compliance

I will abide with Covid 19 requirements


Thank you for your payment.

You may now squad below. <<<<<< there is no squad link below this is what is missing on the personal match approval emails the squad link

I know it may sound stupid, but have you set up squads for the individual match?

yes we have … and I can move people to them … but this is a big match and really don’t want to be manually squading 150 or so people

It looks like your match has closed so usually shooters can’t move or squad after registration closes.

What radio button do you have selected under the squadding requirements when you set up the match?
Require payment and approval to squad
Require only approval to squad
Allow squadding after registering – No approval or payment required

we closed the match as NO one could squad …
and yes we are require payment and approval to squad …

people paid … we approved … emails sent with no squading links … so we closed till we can figure things out … I can reopen the match if that helps

Did competitors receive any emails from PS after they registered?

once we approved them with their payment yes … I attached a copy of what the email looks like above with the missing squad link

Hi Jenny!

I’ve looked into it as well, and I can’t see any issues with your settings. I’ll ask one of our website guys to have a look when he get’s into the office tomorrow.
Also tagging @D.J.Petrou in case he sees something I don’t

should we reopen the match or leave it closed so the sqadding link error can be fixed ?

I think you can reopen it and then just let shooters know squadding will be done closer to the match.

I will give the MD the options and see what he wants to do … thank you … I will be watching for a fix to the squadding issue

I’m Pretty sure this is your problem in the registration form set up…

ok – yes that could cause an issue – i have updated or registration and that did correct the issue – ThanK you

Good evening

I am having the same issue. No link to squad.
The box to send a link to squad as been checked with the thank you message…

I am discussing this with you via your email to Support…

Is there any update to this as I am having the same issue currently…Match created, squads created and box to include squadding link is checked but no link is included with email to shooter.


You have a number of things going on here.
Your club is not connected to the Stripe payment system.
You have registration set so that the shooter must pay and be approved before they can squad.
Shooters cannot pay as you are not set up for that.
OR you can manually set each registrant as paid as they sign up. then resend their match mgt email.
I think you will see that there are a number of things that will keep the registration and approvals from flowing.

I would like you take a look at our tutorial section beginning with this link.
I think it might help with creating flow through the registration process.


Awesome…thanks. I figured it out. It’s working now.