New Payment System- The Storefront!

To our wonderful club directors:

We’re emailing to all club managers to announce the arrival of a new payment system- the Storefront.
Over the years, match directors have asked us for an easier way to implement multiple payment types that can host junior prices, member prices, adding match shirts, Practiscore donations, or other price changes. This new system is our answer to that!

The Storefront is a new and improved way of taking multiple types of payments, replacing our former system that only allowed up to two payment types (Member and Non-Member). The Storefront will allow you to set up as many different prices as you like, such as club member discounts, increasing price when adding items like match shirts or hats and junior prices. We will be releasing tutorials on how to operate it from both a new Stripe account perspective and someone who already has their account set up, so be on the lookout for those on this Community forum!

If you are also interested in supporting what we do, there is also now an option to add an amount of your choosing to add to your match fee that will go to the Practiscore team! For example, if your match fee is $40 and you choose to add a dollar to donate, the match fee becomes $41 and a dollar from every shooter will be directed to us. It is, of course, optional, but very much appreciated!

We will be merging our previous member system together with this one, that way you can also keep your membership list to make it easier to check that your shooters are paying the appropriate price. It will take some time to merge so our anticipated time for it to arrive is next week.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and if you have any problems or questions regarding it or anything else, we do that the Community forum doesn’t answer, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to bring you even more great features in the future!

-The Practiscore Team

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