New Affiliation

Good morning all. How does one add a new affiliation to Practiscore? We have started a new sport of which the scoring and penalties is similar to another but prefer not you use due to possible copyright issue with the name of that sport.

Hi Paul!
At the moment, our developers are working on other projects, so new affiliations are not being added at this time. However, you can still send us the sport’s rule book, and we’ll keep it on the whiteboard to add during our next update!
As of now, you can also create the match template in Practiscore, and clone the match templates. If you are using an Android, you can also save it as your own custom match template!

Thank you Madison, much appreciated. Will forward the rulebook to you.

@Paul_Kucera see Creating your own match templates in PractiScore app

communicating with Paul via emails now…